Welcome To The Coaching Questionnaire. I look forward to reading your answers, connecting with you and helping you reach your dreams!
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What are your 3 biggest accomplishments so far? *

Without thinking about it too much, what is the first thing you think about when I ask, "What is the biggest challenge you have in your business right now?" *

If you were to rate the effectiveness of your marketing, what would you give it? *

How would it change your life if your business was working for you? *

What do you think you need to move forward in your business? *

On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to making changes so that your business works, now? *

What do you expect or would like your coach to do if you get behind on your goals? *

How will you know when you are receiving value (your money’s worth) from coaching? *

What types of approaches discourages you and/or takes away your motivation? *

Out of these 10 categories, what are the top 3 things you would like to work on together?  (You can just list the numbers). 

1. Painting a Vision of What You Can Become or Accomplish 
2. Brainstorming Strategies Together 
3. Suggesting or Designing Action Steps  
4. Strategic Planning Directness: Asking Hard Questions; Challenging You to Move Forward
5. Support, Encouragement, Validation 
6. Exploring and Removing Blocks and Obstacles to Your Success 
7. Accountability; Checking up on Goals 
8. Working through Self-Improvement Programs Together 
9. Insight into Who You Are and Your Potential
10. Increasing Your Marketing & Business Knowledge and Execution *

If there is anything else you would like me to know, please enter it here. Thank you for filling out the survey. You will be contacted within 2 business days to set up a discovery call. :) I look forward to meeting you!

Awesome! I can't wait to talk to you about working together. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email. See you soon, Jennifer
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